Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Summer fruits in the dead of Autumn

A few times now, quite by accident, I've stumbled onto a smaller independent brewery.  This though wins the prize for apparently smallest and most independent.

The Kernel India Pale Ale - 6.8%
The Kernel Brewery is on the Thames not especially far from London town.  For those inclined you can actually watch a video of the man in action brewing, bottling and labelling his beer for you all by hand.

Take a look at that label.  Another minimalist example but very eye catching in its simplicity.  You can't quite see from the picture but up close you can see, and it's confirmed by the video, the text for the beer type and hops is hand stamped.

Speaking of the hop type we have Citra and Riwaka.  Citra is relatively new and incredibly flavourful of citrus fruits, as its name suggests.

This beer shares a lot in common with the Lotus IPA I tried a few weeks back.  From the strong citrus flavours through to the bitter after taste.

Perhaps in summer time I would enjoy this a little more but it has not put me off delving into whatever they have happened to brew this month.

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