Friday, 9 December 2011

Not quite a General but pretty close

For tonight's main event I decided to give The Kernel another go at something I was more likely to enjoy.

Imperial Brown Stout - 9.2%
This is their Imperial Brown Stout which I have been informed is what made a name for themselves.  I served mine a little more chilled then people say it should be but given a choice of about 4C, and somewhere in the region of 15C, I know which I'm going for.

Everybody got one of their own to drink along?  Careful pouring as it's another bottle conditioned beer.  As you can see from your own glass, or my picture if you aren't playing along, it's not so dark as to make viewing the bubbles impossible.

A lovely full roasted flavour with only a mild bitter after taste this has slipped down dangerously easily.  The alcohol content is masked completely by the flavours and, if everything has gone to plan, you should now be experiencing a warm feeling.

I'm glad I gave The Kernel another shot, this is far more palatable to me.  This does of course make me wonder if there is an IPA out there for me though...

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  1. I don't like IPA's either... A good Imperial stout always makes me smile though