Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Massive Anchor

From the mists of American history, or about 150 years ago, comes the Anchor Brewery.  Based in San Francisco, it's had quite a rocky period, what with earthquakes, prohibition and the rise of mass production all taking a chunk out of it time and again.

Anchor Porter - 5.6%
They make a selection of beers at Anchor but today I'm looking at Anchor Porter.

Introduced in 1972, dark and aromatic with a rich creamy head, Anchor Porter is the first modern American porter, modern in this case being post prohibition.  It's a gentle introduction to the world of porters, flavourful but not overly powerful.  Perhaps a touch lighter than I would have expected, and perhaps desired, it was a welcome drink at the end of the day.

Inexpensive and easily to drink makes this a wonderful beer to while away these winter evening.

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  1. Please at least wipe the crumbs off the side in the kitchen before photographing your beer. I don't want people to think we live like hobos.