Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A Mountain in Scotland

Schiehallion - 4.8%
Near Perth there is a mountain which goes by the name of Schiehallion and depending on how it's translated could mean "Fairy Hill" or "The Maiden's Pap" or "Constant Storm".  Nice to see we've got that one nailed down.

One of my all time favourite beers is Old Engine Oil.  The same brewery produced that made that also brews Schiehallion.

It's billed as a craft lager and should be drunk straight from the fridge.  So what better way to undo a trip to the gym than a nice cool refreshing beer afterwards?

Well it's definitely cool, but refreshing?  Sadly it's a little busy on the hops to be truly refreshing to me.  It seems that many brewers now are trying to distance themselves from the popular lagers by upping the stakes in terms of flavours. It's not a bad thing for someone to do but when I want something cool and refreshing I'd also like something just a little simpler.

The off licence I buy most of my beers from has sadly now closed due to their Victorian building being turned into a hairdressers.  It's a real shame but I hope they will be back at a new site soon.  Good luck Alexander Wines, I'm rooting for you.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

With genuine chocolate

Heartless - 4.9%
Not so very long ago Red Willow tweeted about some old beers left around the brewery.  One of those was the inspiration for tonight's drink Heartless.

The first thing I noticed as I poured it out was just how heavy it is.  There is some serious weight behind it.  The second will be the genuinely pleasant chocolatey taste.  Here's where the weight helps by slowing me down, otherwise I'd be in danger of guzzling this.

Once it's gone down you get a slightly bitter, in a dark chocolate sense, after taste that is remarkably pleasant.  Dispite the shear mass of the drink it isn't as smooth and velvety as something like old engine oil.  Get that texture with this flavour and I will drink my self into an early grave.

Next up I could go for something independent from Norfolk, something I don't expect to enjoy or something with Coconuts in it...  Suggestions?