Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A Poultry Stew

Duck Soup - 4.2%
There is something quite reassuring about reading a label on a bottle of beer and seeing it reference a local pub.

Warwickshire Beer Co. are very local to me but for some reason I'd never actually had any of their brews.

This Duck Soup was a speciality for the local university but thankfully now is available without having to go all Good Will Hunting and sneak into the University bars.

The picture makes it appear darker than it is, a rich bronze colour without the flash, but the smoky malt flavours are something I would previously have linked to a more stout-ish drink.

I'm sorely regretting now passing this up whenever I have seen it.  It's getting added to my list of good beers for when I don't want to experiment.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Narrated by Morgan Freeman

March of the Penguins - 4.9%
They face the long walk across the ice sheet.  Lonely and freeing to make sure their young have enough food.  This March of the Penguins however is far less dramatic and much more liquid.

I've had this one sitting around for a while.   Bought it mostly because of the name.  I've discovered that this is a dangerous method for picking wine but for beer you never know.

The head is a rich creamy colour and there is something of a smoky aroma.  The drink itself is smooth and rich.

I've noticed a habit of stouts to be compared to coffee flavours and smells.  Personally I don't smell or taste it.  So ignoring that little bit of license we're left with a nice but not exeptional stout that I wouldn't pass up if offered but also wouldn't hunt down.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Old in name as well as taste?

Tudor Ale - 4.8%
This beer has been sitting in my kitchen for a good few months now.  I believe it came from my sister and before that a reenactors market.  It comes from Kingstone Brewery which for the past 5 years has been independent and dedicated to using traditional methods and recipes.

This one, in line with the venue of purchasing, is a Tudor Ale.  And frankly if this is what they had to drink then I'm amazed we bothered to try anything else.

The smell is rich and smoky, the colour is a deep dark brown and the head and fizz subdued.  Ever so slightly bitter with a complicated almost dark chocolate flavour.  What can possibly top this?  They also make a stout.....