Friday, 29 June 2012

A long goodbye

I recently changed day jobs, I wouldn't want you to be fooled into thinking this is my day job.  As is tradition I went out with a handful of guys from the office for beers.

There is a bar in the centre of Birmingham I enjoy called The Post Office Vaults and as it was my choice I dragged them all there.

As the evening wore on more and more drinks were consumed and one of the bad idea bears suggested a drinking game with a punishment drink.

So we ended up with a lambic by the name of Gueuze.  The bar staff even checked we were sure with a "You want a proper lambic?!"  The general consensus is that this smelt like a stale urinal.

You can't see clearly but the label shows a statue pissing the same colour as the drink he's holding.

It's definitely a real lambic, fermented from the yeast in the environment, and sour.  Incredibly sour.  It definitely taste better than it smells but I'm not going to be in a rush to repeat the experience.

And there in the background is a forlorn former co-worked missing me already.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Final round of Craddock's

Saxon Gold - 4%
So here we are with the final beer of the trio from Craddock's, Saxon Gold.

As the landlord of the Duke William still hasn't fixed his web page (redirect in action here) I shall once again read from the bottle, chapter 1, verse 3.  "Traditional Golden Bitter, with Fuggles & Goldings hops, gives a clean taste leading to a dry finish."

Well where to start with a statement like that?

I have had a fair few "Tradition" bitters over the years and this is nothing like most of them.  This is delicious.  The hops give a great flavour and the dry, only ever so slightly bitter, after taste doesn't punish you for drinking it.

After a lot of bad memories of working in Stourbridge and dodging the drugged up beggars in the city centre, now I have something better to thing about.

All three beers gone and drunk.  On the plus side I got two of each of the beers so I can revisit them and check my original opinions and make sure I didn't chill the stout to much.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Craddock's Round 2

Capra - 5%

You may or may not have noticed that I haven't linked to the website for the brewery yet.  The reason is it appear that the pub they are housed in (winner of pub of the year 2011) doesn't appear to have paid their graphics designers and the website points back to the hosting company.

Craddock's has been selling around the West Midlands though I haven't seen it getting as far east as Coventry yet.  Again these fine bottles came from a friend as wedding present.

Tonight's post gym beer is Capra and to quote the bottle "Pale, lightly hopped, fruity, premium bitter".  It is also great in giving you good storage and serving instructions.  These bottles have a good amount of sediment so a single good clean pour is your friend here.

This beer is spectacular.  Not overdone on the hops nor the bubbles I find Capra to be incredibly drinkable with a great well rounded flavour.  If I find more I'm snapping it up.

Can the final Craddock's measure up?

Friday, 15 June 2012

Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin

Goat Herder - 4.5%
So recently I was married.  I had no input into the wedding gift list so I was delighted when I was presented with three beers from a small independent brewery.

So this is Craddock's episode 1 of 3.  Goat Herder.

As you aught to have figured out by now, Goat Herder is a Stout.  As stouts go it's not as thick and heavy as most.  The colour is a rich red and it has a slightly sharp taste that mellows into a softer dusty after taste.

Personally I like a little more substance to my stouts and a bit less effervescence.  So if you're a lager drinker looking for a gateway stout, hunt this down and give it a go.

Monday, 4 June 2012

A little Italian flavour

Peroni Gran Reserva - 6.6%
So this last week I went to see Avenue Q again.  And before hand we went as a group to Pizza Express.  As I didn't want to fall asleep in the theatre and start snoring we didn't have any wine and I spotted this on the menu.

Peroni Gran Reserva this is Peroni's attempt to do something a little more special than their normal fare.  It is a richer amber than the classic Nasstro Azzuro and with it comes a better flavour.  It has a nice subtle malt which reminds me of the northern European beers like Leffe.

They only serve the smaller bottles and it is a little more than the base lager but it is worth the price increase.

It was quite a surprise to discover this on the menu and I'm glad I found it.

Friday, 1 June 2012

A return is imminent

Sorry for going dark on you all.  My wedding is now complete, my honeymoon over and my new job all ready to start.

Beers from Malta coming soon.