Sunday, 24 June 2012

Final round of Craddock's

Saxon Gold - 4%
So here we are with the final beer of the trio from Craddock's, Saxon Gold.

As the landlord of the Duke William still hasn't fixed his web page (redirect in action here) I shall once again read from the bottle, chapter 1, verse 3.  "Traditional Golden Bitter, with Fuggles & Goldings hops, gives a clean taste leading to a dry finish."

Well where to start with a statement like that?

I have had a fair few "Tradition" bitters over the years and this is nothing like most of them.  This is delicious.  The hops give a great flavour and the dry, only ever so slightly bitter, after taste doesn't punish you for drinking it.

After a lot of bad memories of working in Stourbridge and dodging the drugged up beggars in the city centre, now I have something better to thing about.

All three beers gone and drunk.  On the plus side I got two of each of the beers so I can revisit them and check my original opinions and make sure I didn't chill the stout to much.

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