Friday, 29 June 2012

A long goodbye

I recently changed day jobs, I wouldn't want you to be fooled into thinking this is my day job.  As is tradition I went out with a handful of guys from the office for beers.

There is a bar in the centre of Birmingham I enjoy called The Post Office Vaults and as it was my choice I dragged them all there.

As the evening wore on more and more drinks were consumed and one of the bad idea bears suggested a drinking game with a punishment drink.

So we ended up with a lambic by the name of Gueuze.  The bar staff even checked we were sure with a "You want a proper lambic?!"  The general consensus is that this smelt like a stale urinal.

You can't see clearly but the label shows a statue pissing the same colour as the drink he's holding.

It's definitely a real lambic, fermented from the yeast in the environment, and sour.  Incredibly sour.  It definitely taste better than it smells but I'm not going to be in a rush to repeat the experience.

And there in the background is a forlorn former co-worked missing me already.

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