Friday, 2 December 2011

If there is one thing the Belgians can do...

It's brew some delicious beers.

Brasseries des Rocs is from Belgium and I recommend giving the video on their website a watch and the beer itself will tell you how it is made.

Abbay Des Rocs Brune - 9%
I have the Brune (Brown Ale), a rich chestnut colour and a short lived head.  Triple fermented, with the last stage in the bottle, it is slightly gassy but the flavour is so full and fruity so I can forgive a little fizz.

Remember what I said about Belgium beer labels?  Picture of an abbey cellar, coat of arms, big red script lettering.  Yes much like Delirium they are going all out, to stand out.

Pace yourselves with one of these it's dangerously drinkable and, at a surprisingly well disguised 9%, it would be all to easy to have one too many.

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