Friday, 21 October 2011

Strong in alcohol and strongly hopped

At the end of a long week what could be better than hunting down a new beer to try?  I found this one lurking in the basement of a Birmingham hotel.

Lotus IPA 5.6%
IPA or India Pale Ale was first named in the 1830's for export overseas.  This one, Lotus IPA, is made by Ilkley Brewery which is a new modern brewery founded in 2009 making quite a range.

You can see from the picture that it's a straw coloured ale and that my camera flash makes it look like the head has been fashioned from cream.

The flavours are citrus and peach with a slightly disappointing bitterness to the after taste.  Overall it is a very floral drink and perhaps a little perfumed to enjoy more than one, the taste being perhaps a touch ungrounded.  With some spicy foods or something rich, like a winter ploughman's, it may sit better.

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