Saturday, 15 October 2011

Some more black oil


Another one from Harviestoun in Scotland.  Yet again it's named after oil, Ola Dubh meaning black oil, is made by conditioning in whisky casks, in this case ones from 18 year old malt whiskey.

Ola Dubh -Special  Reserve 18 (£6 Inspire)
It's derived from their Old Engine Oil, which has already become a favourite of mine, and shares its same rich full texture and flavour.

There are two warnings to apply to this drink.  Firstly do not attempt to drive after drinking it.  It's good and strong and went straight to my head.  Secondly it is not cheap.  That little bottle you see on the left there?  Six of your finest English pounds.  But you know what?  Totally worth it, every single penny.


  1. 1) I did not notice you were drunk. 2) I didn't realise you spent SIX POUNDS on one bottle of beer. :P

  2. A friend of mine made this comment after I shared your post elsewhere:

    "Never one to be disparaging about beer articles, but knowing your attention to detail and seeing as it wasn't one that you wrote I had to comment! 'Dubh' is 'black' not 'old' so I would guess it is actually 'black oil'. Also if it is made in 'Whiskey' casks it will have done significant mileage as it will most likely be Irish, with Scottish casks containing 'whisky'!
    Please can I have a free bottle for what I hope is a little bit of something QI in your day :-)"