Sunday, 2 October 2011

Viscous Bittersweet and Dark

This is a beer I saw a friend with and I coveted it. As the designated driver for the day I had to cope with a smell and watch him drink it in front of me.

Old Engine Oil £2.30 (Alexander Wines) 
Old Engine Oil is a dark porter and is extremely rich, and heavy. I would happily nurse one of these all evening and not feel the need to rush it.

The label declares it as the heading of this post, Viscous Bittersweet and Dark. All true, it really is a thick velvety, almost creamy, drink which probably contributes to the weight of it.

It's not just dark it is black, with not much of a head at all, and for once when a drink labels itself as having a chocolate flavour, I can taste it. As far as an after taste there is a slight bitterness but not so overpowering as to ruin the flavour, or to make you regret sampling it.

This is a seasonal beer from Harviestoun which is situated in Scotland in the Forth Valley. You can buy direct from them at prices that are not dissimilar to what you would expect in a bar, and if you can't find this locally I urge you to buy some from them and give it a try.


  1. So, just how much money did you spend in Alexander Wines?? :P

  2. Ooops!
    Didn't you know the boss was watching!

    I see old engine oil every day but not the drinkable kind