Sunday, 22 January 2012

The demon fish

Cut Throat Porter - 5.1%
In Colorado there is a fish.  Well I would suspect there are many fish.  What I mean is there is a type of fish.  Actually I'm pretty sure there are lots of types of fish there.  Lets try that again.

The Colorado River Cutthroat trout is an endangered species that has been claimed for the name of tonight beer.

Odell Brewing Company has been going since the late 80's when craft beers were just starting out.  They are constantly expanding due to demand moving from 8000 barrels a year to 45000.  Fortunately for me they started bottling as well.

Cutthroat Porter is a nice mild beer.  There are some nice caramel flavours with a good smell of roasted malts.  Dark but not especially heavy which made it very easy to drink despite its dark colour.  This is going on my list of lighter porters to drink again.

I'm also aware that I'm in danger of turning this into Porter Experiment rather than Beer Experiment.  So next time, something I picked up from a trip to Russia...

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