Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bring me my Bow

With Christmas time comes presents.  And what better way for people to say Merry Christmas than with beer.

This one was chosen because of its literary connections, in that, it was named after the poem by William Blake, Jerusalem.

Wells and Young's proclaims themselves to be the UK's largest independent brewery, set up in 1875 in Bedford and still with involvement of the Wells family.  The water used to make the beers is mineral water, still drawn from the original well.

Burning Gold - 4.7%
How is it?  Glad you asked.  It's a somewhat refreshing bitter with an after taste that mellowed as the drink went down.

As you can almost see the colour is where the name for this one comes from, clear and gold.  What you can't see is the proud statement on the label, repeated on the website, that it has "a dry, crisp flavour with more than a hint of citrus on the palate".

Now I don't know about you but to me "more than a hint" should mean some at all.  It was overall an average ale that could have benefited from being a touch cooler than the room temperature I had it at and would be far more drinkable on a hot day.

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