Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Named like something out of Harry Potter

Querkus - 4.5%
In Oxfordshire you can find a relatively new brewery by the name of Ridgeway of Oxfordshire.  You will be hard pressed to find their own webpage, let me know if you do.

This beer was given to me by my sister.  She also gave me the Garlic beer so her track record is pretty poor to say the least.

What I have is Querkus - Smoked Oaked Porter.

It's a surprisingly light coloured beer for a porter, more red then brown.  It also has a smoky taste, as advertised by the name, that lingers on your palate and is delivered by its delicious smell.

There is a slight downside.  The beer has a rather harsh sharpness to it that cut through the smoke rather than a richness.  It's a little disappointing which may in some part be down to the smell being such a hard act to follow.

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