Friday, 11 November 2011

Who or what is Alice Porter?

Well I'd say it's a porter with a highly pretentious label.  Brew Dog was founded in 2007 and have set about making a strange collection of beers, frankly if I can ever spare the £30 or so I would love to give Tactical Nuclear Penguin a try.

Alice Porter - 6.2%
But enough about beers I haven't drunk on to one I have.

Alice Porter is surprisingly light, I would even say watery if that weren't a massive disservice to it's taste, more it's highly drinkable despite its background.

How they have managed to get so much flavour into a porter without making it excessively rich is something a few other breweries could stand to learn.

Alexander Wines stocks it but it doesn't appear on Brew Dogs website any more so I don't know how much longer this one is around for.

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