Friday, 25 November 2011

Super Williams Brothers

The Williams Brothers Brewery is a micro brewery in the centre of Scotland.  They produce a range of historic ales, they have developed over the impressive 20 years they have been operating.  Along side that they have expanded their range of regular beers, one of which I've been drinking this evening.

Midnight Sun - 5.6%
Yes this is another porter styled beer, which since starting this blog I've discovered I really enjoy, especially now the nights are drawing in and it's a little chilled out.

To look at Midnight Sun it is a dark brown with a dark cream coloured head, it's a little washed out by the flash in the photo.  Taking a deep breath over it there is a gentle aroma of chocolate.

The roasted flavour is especially pleasant leaving a pleasant toffee sensation in the mouth.  It is a smooth and surprisingly light drink, this bottle being a pint rather than the 330ml size, necessitating the larger glass for this occasion, and by the end of the bottle it's not lying heavily on the stomach.

Midnight Sun can be purchased direct from the brewery at £16.84 for a case of 12.

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