Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Burgers and Beer

Picture yourself in a city.  Lets, for argument sake, say it's Birmingham.  You are feeling hungry and thirsty and being a discerning type you don't want just any old lager with your meal, you'd much rather have something better to drink and don't want to scrimp on the food either.

Enter the beer drinker and burger lovers delight, The Handmade Burger Company.

The food there is fantastic.  Quality ingredients, very generous portions coupled some real ales.  There is no pretension, it's all simple things made into delicious things.

Full disclosure time.  I was invited to dine here for free.  This is something I jumped at because I love burgers and it was mentioned to me that they also served some local ales.  It turns out in Birmingham this mean a couple from Purity which was a great way to start the meal, and continue the meal, and to wrap it all up.

What I need to do now is visit some of the other around the country to see what ales make it into the restaurants there.