Friday, 3 February 2012

A Sheep in Wolfs clothing

Magic 8 Ball - 7.0%
Take a look at that over there.  Dark with a rich cream head, slightly washed out by the flash, Can't you just imagine the rich flavours, the thick roasted malt aroma?

Well I'm glad you can.  All I get is the citrus twang of an IPA.  This is Magic 8 Ball, Black IPA.  Yes Black IPA.  Brought to you by the folks at Magic Rock Brewing.

It's as strange a beast as it appears.  You have a flavourful IPA with the look of a more manly ale.  I would challenge someone to drink this alongside a regular IPA and see if they could tell one was dark.  Obviously you'd have to blindfold them first or it's a bit more trivial an exercise.

As IPA's go it's quite nice, but once again not my thing with a lingering bitter after taste.  I was a little disappointed that it wasn't as unusual in flavour as it is in colour, but that should not stop you.  Fans of IPA rise up, go forth too Hudddersfeild and rejoice.

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